Pagi on an iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air

Introducing Pagi - the perfect writing app for morning pages!

Start your day off right with morning pages in Pagi. It features a special focus mode to highlight your current sentence and gives you the perfect environment to capture your stream of consciousness. With Pagi’s word counter and progress bar, you can easily track your progress to meet your writing goals, whether it’s 1,500 words for three pages, 750 words, or whatever feels right for you. Plus, you can customize the colors and choose from 3 different fonts to make it yours.

Pagi is available on macOS and iOS, so you can start your morning pages wherever you are!

Stay Focused

The built-in focus mode lets you write with care. One sentence at a time.

An image showing the dark- and light theme of Pagi.


It includes a variety of hand-picked themes and tools to help you create your own.

An image showing the dark- and light theme of Pagi.

Light & Dark Mode

Automatically adapts to your environment.

An image showing the dark- and light theme of Pagi.


The name »Pagi« /paɡi/ is Indonesian and means »morning«.


Pagi is developed by Lucas, as an independent side-project. It's crafted with longevity in mind: working completely offline with no user tracking or third-party dependencies. Updates to Pagi are sporadic, but you can be sure each version has been built to last.


  • macOS Version on the App Store
  • Support for iOS 17
  • Optional iCloud-Sync (later this year)

Support / Feedback / Contact

If you need direct contact to the developer, you can send an email to I welcome feedback and like to help with any problems.
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